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Reinventing the adventure game in Virtual Reality, Proximity takes narrative immersion to new levels through its introduction of believable game characters that can listen deeply, hold conversations, and are driven by hidden priorities you must uncover to survive.


Integrating the latest advances in Natural Language Processing with decades of Artificial Intelligence research, Proximity heralds a new era in interactive storytelling.


Proximity invites you to enter the world of 2050. Artificial Intelligence has come of age, and human-like robots are commonplace. You are the first human intern ever recruited to work inside the secure research facility operated by Liminal Systems, where a secretive community of self-designing robots are creating their next generation.


You are assigned to be the caretaker to the robots’ newest creation, training it in the nuances of human behaviour. But when this robot is destroyed in mysterious circumstances, and suspicion falls on you, you must uncover the truth or risk being framed for murder.


This interactive story will allow you to investigate a mystery in ways never before possible. Entering the world in VR, not only will you feel powerful physical immersion as you use motion controllers to find, retrieve, and analyze clues, but you will also—and more significantly—conduct interviews with the other characters using your own voice, having conversations with NPCs that feel, think, and act like independent entities.

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