What is it like to die? This question has been one of our deepest mysteries. And until recently, it was totally impenetrable; for most of history, once someone began to die, they died.


Medical advancements of the 20th Century have allowed some who cross the line into the unknown to come back and tell us what they saw. These experiences have become articles of popular culture: floating up out of your body, seeing and entering a vast embracing light, finding otherworldly realms peopled by lost loved ones and ethereal beings.


Neuroscience and amazing advances in brain imaging have given us an unprecedented window into the relationship between biology and subjective experience. However, no materialist explanation has yet been proven completely. This final frontier remains a mystery.


Despite the unknowns one fact is unequivocally clear, and perhaps more important than any other: NDEs change people. These powerful encounters often result in incredible positive transformations, experiencers returning to their lives deeply aware that every moment, no matter how ordinary, is a cosmic gift.


What if we could give anyone a glimpse into this astonishing journey?

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